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“Iím forever indebted to Birgit, Bob and Penny at Canine College for their devotion to my 5 year old dog, Deacon the Giant Schnauzer. While grooming Deacon recently, Penny found a small tumor between his toes that was determined to be melanoma. It has since been removed and he is undergoing radiation treatment. Deacon is expected to recover, but his oncologist said his tumor would have spread and been fatal had Penny not found it as early as she did.

Canine College has and will continue to be a central part of Deaconís life. Starting with a strong willed and difficult puppy, Bob coached me and developed him into the obedient and trustworthy dog he has become.

Every trip Iíve taken since owning Deacon has started and finished with Bob picking Deacon up or bringing him home. Deaconís pure excitement to see Bob and/or to visit Canine College is testament to how well he is treated. I canít thank the Canine College family enough for caring for Deacon as if he were their own!“

“We are so very pleased with the results Birgit Edler, our Canine College "professor" has accomplished with our pet, Sascha. Birgit is a warm compassionate and exceptional trainer who gets the job done right. We now have a pet who has earned her "degree" from Canine College and we are so very pleased with the results. Birgit gets the job done right the first time and the results are amazing. Birgit is the best! She has a wonderful rapport with animals and we can't thank her enough for the wonderful job she did. (our pet Sascha thanks her too!)“

Candy Koester
“I have used Birgit for private lessons to train all of my dogs. My daughter refers to her as the "Dog Whisperer" and that is exactly what she such a short time the dogs and I were trained perfectly.
She trains you to train the dogs. She even had success with my little 6 lb Yorkie whom I thought would be un trainable. She is kind and believes in positive reinforcement. I tried another training facility that trains in a class situation....I would not recommend it to anyone but I would highly recommend Birgit and Canine College.“

Ashley Adamek
“My dog, Peanut, and I were lucky to meet Birgit when my little terror (as she was known back then) was only a few months old. Peanut had been through a lot as a young pup - she was taken from her mother and smuggled into the country probably when she was no more than two weeks old. She got sick with parvovirus at about 5 weeks and was hospitalized for another 2 weeks. Needless to say, Peanut lacked any discipline or training before she met Birgit. Birgit came to our home once a week for eight weeks and completely transformed Peanut's behavior. She worked with her on chewing, biting, responding to commands, and being friendly to new people. We removed all of Peanut's training paper at 5 months old and by 8 months she was completely house trained. Today, my guests are always impressed when Peanut rings the bell attached to our door to let us know she has to go outside to use the bathroom! As a brand-new pet owner, I also had a lot to learn. Birgit not only trained Peanut, but me“

Woody & Patty
“Woody and I wanted to share how pleased we are with the professional dog training services provided by Bob. He is so knowledgeable and such a good teacher. His instruction in both the group and private settings has been beneficial to us and our two Great Danes. We are especially pleased with the skills training he provided us to prepare for the Delta Society Pet Partners therapy dog evaluation. With Bob's help we are now able to realize our dream of giving back to the community through pet therapy work. Thanks again!“

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Thursday February 27, 2020