Meet The Team

Birgit Edler - Owner

Owner since 1993, born and grew up in Bremen, Germany. Birgit has a son and does whatever needs to be done at any time to make sure everybody feels good and has fun doing what we all love the most; training and grooming dogs.

Kevin Dennis - Human Resources

Kevin is in charge of Human Resources and whatever needs to be done that no one else wants to do.He has been with Canine College since 2008. Kevin is from Michigan {Go Lions !!!!} He has two sons and all his pets are at Canine College. His favoite hobby is Golf,he will play,watch,and talk golf all day if you let him.He also caddied on the PGA tour for 8 years.

Penny Rivera - Groomer

Penny has been grooming at Canine College for 5 years.She is a Florida native born and raised in Palm Beach County.She lives with her husband,son and two dogs three cats {all rescues}and a Betta Fish.She loves spending her free time with family and friends boating,gardening,movies and shopping.

Calesta - Groomer

Calesta Howel has been Grooming at Canine College since 2008.
She makes sure every dog on her table feels comfortable during each grooming session.She is from Belleville Michigan and lives with her husband and two Italian Greyhounds on a 60 foot boat in North Palm Beach.

Shadoe - Groomer

Shadoe McKee has recently returned to Canine College with 22 years of grooming experience.Her gentle nature and high-end scissoring skills are bound to make for a great experience you and your four-legged child.She combines her artistic talents with your requests to create a style you will be proud to show off on your walks!

Chanel - Groomer

Chanel is Canine College's recent new member and we are very excited to have her on our team. Chanel has been grooming for 13 years. She lives in Port St. Lucie with her family and her two dogs, a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. Chanel is available by appointment Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday.

Bob - Trainer

Bob has been training dogs in Palm Beach County for years.He started with Federal Gaurd Dog in West Palm Beach and has worked with Mans Best Friend in Boca,Canine Counsler in West Palm Beach and has been with Canine College since 2004.
Tuesday August 22, 2017